Targeted Research Expertise

Andra Partners is distinguished from other buy-side advisory firms in several ways, and in particular through its industry leading thematic research that has been recognized for its efficacy by private equity clients across the United States.

Our Research Analysts leverage unique targeted search protocols supported by an array of both paid subscription and public domain resources to identify proprietary acquisition and investment opportunities, and our Directors are subsequently able to leverage this thesis-focused research to establish discreet dialogues with the ownership of leading middle market companies. As a result, our clients are introduced to proprietary platform and add-on opportunities that they would otherwise likely never see.

Unlike other buy-side advisory firms that may rely on simple NAICS and SIC code searches to generate loosely relevant lists of prospective targets, our firm views deep thematic research as essential to identifying the growth companies that most closely align with a client’s platform or add-on investment thesis. Our success has been realized through the execution of targeted searches supporting complex client theses that focus on highly specialized industry niches.