Andra \an-dra\ – A name of Greek origin
meaning “strong or courageous”.

As a buy-side mergers and acquisitions origination firm focused on the middle market, Andra Partners aligns with leading private equity investment firms and corporate clients in support of their strategic growth objectives. Andra Partners is committed to enhancing its current long term client partnerships, and selectively building new client partnerships with appropriate acquirers and investors in collaborative pursuit of these objectives.

To that end, Andra Partners utilizes a proprietary 6-step targeted search process leveraging best in class research protocols and resources to identify pure proprietary acquisition opportunities with industry leading middle market companies. These thesis-driven targeted searches support client-defined platform and add-on initiatives across nearly all industry verticals, and engage the ownership of middle market companies in confidential dialogues with industry focused acquirers and investors.

As a result, Andra Partners has delivered over $5B in change of control investment opportunities to its clients, and enabled the ownership and leadership of many middle market companies to explore enhanced business growth and wealth capture strategies that further capitalize on their success.

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Andra Partners’ mission is to accelerate growth in the U.S. middle market by delivering proprietary investment opportunities with industry leading middle market companies to world class financial and strategic investors.

Core Values

1) Integrity
2) Excellence
3) Collaboration
4) Responsiveness
5) Professionalism


Targeted Research

Andra Partners successfully leverages a unique 6-step targeted search process to identify and engage pure proprietary acquisition and investment targets on its client’s behalf. This structured process is equally effective for both platform and add-on targeted search initiatives, as well as across industry verticals.

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Executed Searches

There are instances when a company identified as the result of a targeted search is a more appropriate acquisition for a firm other than the one which initially chartered that targeted search. In these instances, Andra Partners utilizes a detailed screening process to identify another appropriate prospective acquirer...

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Buyer Value

Andra Partners is a specialized M&A originations practice that primarily executes thesis-driven targeted searches. It leverages a proprietary 6-step target research and engagement process to generate pure proprietary opportunities for its private equity and corporate clients, and is differentiated…

Seller Value

If you are the owner of a leading middle market company and are reading this information it may be as the result of either; a) a direct contact you have received from Andra Partners, or b) a referral to Andra Partners you have received from an advisor or other referral source.