Buyer Value

Andra Partners is a specialized M&A originations practice that primarily executes thematic targeted searches. It leverages a proprietary 6-step target research and engagement process to generate pure proprietary opportunities for its private equity and corporate clients, and is differentiated from traditional buy-side M&A advisories by both its process and focused collaborative approach. While targeted search is more complex and resource intensive than opportunistic search, it also more closely aligns Andra Partners’ efforts with the needs of its clients, as the targets identified and engaged on their behalf are specifically aligned with their stated investment criteria and objectives.

Andra Partners has both the resources and experience to deliver on the following commitments to those firms with which it partners:

Proprietary Opportunities

Andra Partners identifies and engages leading middle market companies that have not announced an intent to sell or initiated a marketing process. As our practice primarily operates based on targeted search sponsor mandates, we provide the ownership of a selected company with full transparency relative to our client’s identity, scale, and specific interest in that company’s business. Our high value/high touch model is readily differentiated from that of other buy-side firms that are not capable of identifying the interested potential acquirer or investor – because they do not have any such sponsor mandate.

Engagement Options

Andra Partners has delivered proprietary opportunity flow to its clients for years, and is confident it will continue to do so. It offers each of its retained clients a first right of refusal guarantee relative to any company engaged as a result of a targeted search executed on their behalf. Non-retained clients are subsequently evaluated on an individual case basis as potentially appropriate acquirers or investors for selected companies that do not consummate a transaction with the sponsors of their respective targeted searches.

Depth of Research

Andra Partners leverages the most robust research resources available, including a unique array of paid subscription and public domain sources, to understand the target industry and develop a list of pre-qualified prospects for mutual review as potentially qualified targets.


Andra Partners is committed to partnering with its clients as a virtual extension of their internal business development efforts, and will maintain the confidentiality of information received from each client, including information regarding industry sectors of interest, investment thesis, and target financial information.