Opportunistic Search

There are instances when a company identified as the result of a targeted search is a more appropriate acquisition for a firm other than the one which initially chartered that targeted search. In these instances, Andra Partners utilizes a specialized research protocol to identify another appropriate prospective acquirer that is likewise focused on the respective industry sector and interested in the specific characteristics of the target company.

There are also instances when a company that has not previously been contacted by Andra Partners may want to discuss being confidentially introduced to an appropriate prospective acquirer or minority investor without incurring any costs. In addition to eliminating the substantial costs associated with an investment bank marketing process, this discreet approach does not disrupt the ongoing operations of the business, adversely impact its employees, or alert the company’s competitors to the possibility of a sale.

In these instances Andra Partners will select one or more prospective acquirers or investors it knows to be focused on the company’s industry sector and appropriate based on the company’s stated objectives. Andra Partners will then facilitate a confidential three-way introduction (or multiple introductions if needed) with the company and the prospective acquirer or investor.

Andra Partners is interested in speaking with middle market companies headquartered in the continental U.S. and Canada that are evaluating their strategic options, including one of the following:

  • A sale of the company in its entirety to a qualified strategic or financial acquirer
  • A sale of a majority of the company to a qualified financial acquirer
  • Obtaining growth financing from a qualified minority investor without a change of control