Targeted Search

Andra Partners successfully leverages a unique 6-step targeted search process to identify and engage pure proprietary acquisition and investment targets on its client’s behalf. This structured process is driven by the client’s investment thesis, and it is equally effective in both platform and add-on search initiatives. It is founded upon live 3-way introductions and client collaborative support through the entire M&A transaction life cycle – and delivers value far beyond that associated with unsophisticated search protocols, simple leads, and referral introductions.

Targeted Search Parameters

  • Platform Acquisitions
    —- $20M or more in annual revenue
    —- $4M or more in EBITDA
  • Add-On Acquisitions
    —- No minimum annual revenue
    —- No minimum EBITDA
  • Companies headquartered in the continental U.S. and Canada
    (with or without offshore satellite operations)
  • All industry sectors except real estate
  • Majority control investment targets
  • Privately held companies and secondaries
  • Specialized expertise in narrowly defined thesis initiatives